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Mr P.Prasant
Deputy Dean Industry and Academia
Assistant Professor

The Institute encourages its faculty, scientists, technicians and students to interact with industry in all possible ways with the spirit of deriving mutual benefit.First-hand experience is not the only way how a person can accumulate knowledge about the know-how of the world, the same can be gathered by interacting with people with who possess it already, the knowledge that they have gathered over theyears due the time they spent in the industry. This is whatprecisely Institution Industry Cell (IIC)tries to do, when they arrange for the speakers, enriched with thee xperience of corporate To achieve academic excellence amongst our under-graduate students, an Advisor is nominated for each small group of students who normally meets them once a week to discuss their problems (if any) and progress besides career counselling. Normally a faculty of the relevant Department is entrusted with this responsibility. Students are advised to contact him/her for all matters, academic or personal, what-so-ever. He/she will guide his/her group of students on all matters, academic and other difficulties experienced by any of the students.