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  Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Mr. Binny Abrol
Head of Department
Contact No.+91-9915616484

A degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management equips the students with requisite skills, knowledge and attitude essential to efficiently perform supervisory responsibilities in this lucrative industry. Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology focuses on the process, delivery and management of wide ranging perspectives of global hospitality services and operations. Through this program, you will gain the ability to identify and understand the key issues faced by the personnel, as well as evaluation of alternative approaches to manage the diverse areas of the industry. In-depth laboratory practices and global exposure help acquire our student skill standards desired by allied departments of the industry. The advent of globalization has made this industry vast growing and hotels are ready to employ more and more budding professionals. Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology is among the Top Hotel Management Colleges in Punjab, India that makes you equipped with the knowledge about management of a hotel’s operations including management of hotel staff, business management, upkeep and sanitary standards of hotel facilities, guest satisfaction, and service. Marketing, Sales Management, Revenue Management, Financial Accounting, Purchasing, etc. are the other related concepts that are taught to the students of Hotel Management. Hence, enroll yourself at Khalsa College of Management and Technology and take the privilege to study in the Best Hotel Management College in Amritsar