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  Department of Applied Sciences

Dr Ruchi Handa
Head of Department
Contact No.+91-9855946622

The Department of Applied sciences is committed to inculcate proficiency among the students in the field of basic sciences and technology and furnish them with the basic tools of science by using which students can easily toil over the advance in the various branches of engineering.Since the date of its inspection, the Department of Applied sciencs at KCET, is striving relentlessly to develop the institute into a hub of excellence by imparting value education along with the technical and professional upliftment in the students. The Department promotes congenial environment for all,where the diversity of our faculty and staff provides an enriched experience to prepare students for their careers in an era of global compentence. It is also strengthening to create and propagate knowledge and tools at the crossroads between areas of engineering ,emergency trends of industries and other core areas of Applied Sciences It is well equipped with extremely good quality machines and apparatus in its laboratories viz.Coummunicative English,Engineering Physics,Engineering Chemistry.Special attention is being paid to our students for their holistic development by conuducting seminars,personality Development classes, guest lectures,extra-curricular activites and technical events. The Department of Applied sciences is proud of its highly qualified,experienced,research oriented and dedicated faculty.