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Khalsa College Of Engineering And Technology
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  Department of Civil Engineering

Er. Bikramjit Singh
Head of Department
Contact no: 8427450020

The vision of Department of Civil Engineering is to create knowledge resources and to educate and train youth in the latest technologies of Civil Engineering to inculcate in them human values, self-confidence and independent thinking in tackling diverse problems in the field of Civil Engineering. Students will be able to apply and articulate the principles of Science and Mathematics in Civil Engineering after the completion of their science core courses. Survey camps and practical training wich are part of the curriculum , aim at exposing the students to actual field problems. After the completion of professional core courses students can apply the principles of civil engineering in analyzing, understanding and solving real life problems. The students/alumni of the department are serving the government, public and private sector in top positions.

The Department has excellent laboratory facilities for experimental, analysis, trails and verification purposes.