Er. Narinder Singh
OIC Consultancy

Our institute providing Consultancy Services in the State of Punjab. Consultancy services are being provided by Civil Engineering Department of the College to the different construction industry, State Government Departments and Entrepreneurs and are extended in the form of expert advice in design, testing of materials & equipment, technical preparation of technical feasibility report etc.
This consultancy cell of the college has given a new dimension to the development programmes of the College. Department offer consultancy services in following areas:
Environmental Engineering, Engineering survey work of any site, Building Planning & working Drawing Preparation, Preparing 3D Drawings, Third party Inspection, Supervision, Soil Analysis, Testing & improvement techniques, RCC & Steel Structure Analysis & Design, Structural Report preparation, Structural survey, Specification Writing, Mix Designing, Testing of steel Bars, Cement, Sand, Aggregates, Bitumen, Cube Testing (Cement, Mortar, Concrete), Testing and analysis of water and wastewater, Stack and ambient air monitoring, Non Destructive Testing Services with.

Lab Equipments

  1. Pundit Lab UPV(Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity)
  2. Rebound hammer (Proceq)
  3. UTM(100 tonne)
  4. Digital Triaxial testing machine(starDAQ)
  5. Total Station(Trimble)
  6. Digital 3 gang consolidation Apparatus
  7. CTM (capacity 2000KN)
  8. SPT& DCPT
  9. GPS (Trimble juno 3B) Receiver & Pathfinder
  10. Profometer R 5+(Rebar detection system for cover depth, bar diameter)

Consultancy Clients

  1. Improvement Trust Amritsar
  2. PSPCL Board Amritsar
  3. Indian Oil Corp. Ltd
  4. Municipal Corporation Amritsar
  5. Gram Panchayats
  6. Acumens Contractor Crescent Park (Delhi based)
  7. Punjab Urban Development Authority
  8. Sewerage Board
  9. Central Public Works Dept.
  10. Punjab Works Department (PWD)
  11. Sahyog Construction Ltd.
  12. Panchayti Bibhag
  13. Public Health Department
  14. Khalsa College Charitable Society
  15. Verka Milk Plant Construction
  16. Central Public Works Dept.
  17. Punjab Mandi Board
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