Department of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment, including buildings, roads, bridges, water and sewage systems, and other infrastructure. Civil engineers play a crucial role in creating and maintaining the infrastructure around us, from the buildings we live and work in to the transportation systems that connect communities. Civil engineering involves the application of scientific and engineering principles to solve complex problems related to the built environment. This can include developing blueprints and design plans, overseeing construction projects, and conducting research to improve existing structures and systems. Civil engineers work closely with architects, construction workers, and other professionals to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2008. The Department offers 2 Programs Namely: B.Tech. in (Civil Engineering) and Diploma in (Civil Engineering). Department is equipped with well-qualified and dedicated faculty members to train students towards their holistic development. Currently, there are 07 members of faculty in the department of the best engineering college.

The department provides students with learning mechanisms to develop their skills in the field as well as in academics. Students of B.Tech. Civil Engineering are facilitated with latest technologies in the field of civil engineering, servers, libraries with the latest Titles, NPTEL Course ware, and Journal salong side High-Bandwidth internet to facilitate effective learning. Students are imparted with training in cutting-edge technologies through Industrial visits, Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures alongside Technical Symposiums/paper contests; and co-curricular and Extracurricular events through the technical associations of the department.


The vision is to establish an outstanding centre of regional and national reputation for providing a quality engineering education, excellent, research services to professionals and community, to produce quality civil engineers and to employ principles of continual quality improvement to enhance its programme and faculty


M1. To serve the people of India and overseas by providing a broad and highquality education to students for a successful professional career.
M2. To conduct strong basic and applied research for national needs.
M3. To serve the construction industry, civil engineering profession and rural community through dissemination of knowledge and technical services.
M4: To provide individual attention and enable personality building.
M5. To impart and promote entrepreneurship skills among students.

❖ Course Name: B.Tech (4 years)
❖ Level: UG
❖ Affiliation: I.K. G. Punjab Technical University
❖Approval: AICTE, New Delhi

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1. To prepare civil engineering graduates to work and contribute to the infrastructure development projects being undertaken by the government, private and other sector companies.
PEO2. To prepare students in such a way that they can pursue higher studies so that they can contribute to all allied professions of civil engineering.
PEO3. To train students in a manner that they should function effectively in multicultural and multidisciplinary groups for the sustainable development and growth of civil engineering projects and professions.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO1. Graduates shall demonstrate sound knowledge in analysis, design, laboratory investigations and construction aspects of civil engineering infrastructure along with good foundation in mathematics, basic sciences and technical communication.
PSO2. Graduates will have a broad understanding of economic, environmental, societal, health and safety factors involved in infrastructural development with respect to rural areas and shall demonstrate the ability to function within multidisciplinary teams with competence in modern tool usage.
PSO3. Graduates will be motivated for continuous self-learning in engineering practice and pursue research in advanced areas of civil engineering to offer civil engineering services to society, ethically and responsibly with special emphasis on rural areas.

Program Outcomes (POs):-
PO I: Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
PO II: Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
PO V: Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
PO VI: The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
PO VII: Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate the knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
PO VIII: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
PO IX: Individual and teamwork: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
PO X: Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO XI: Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
Life-long learning: Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

❖ Course Name: Diploma in Civil Engg. (3 years)
❖ Affiliation: Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training
❖Approval: AICTE, New Delhi

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1: To apply technical knowledge in analyzing problems in the field of Civil Engineering, in the view of ensuring maximization of economic benefits to society and minimization of damage to ecology and environment.
PEO2: To enhance entrepreneurial, communication and other soft skills, which will enable them to work globally as leaders, team members and contribute to nation building for the betterment of the society without overexploitation of natural resources.
To make them strongly committed to the highest levels of professional ethics and focus on ensuring quality, adherence to public policy and law, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability in all their professional activities.
PEO4: To be life-long learners with spirit of enquiry and zeal to acquire new knowledge and skills so as to remain contemporary and possess required professional skills.

Program Outcomes (POs):

i) Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals, and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.
ii) Problem analysis: Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.
iii) Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specified needs.
iv) Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing: Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.
v) Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment:
Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.
vi) Project Management: Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about welldefined engineering activities.
vii) Life-long learning: Ability to analyze individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.

Er.Sahil Sharma

Head of Department
B.Tech, M.Tech(civil)

Hod Message 

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering
The work we do as practicing and future engineers is critical for an ever-changing world. Civil Engineers design infrastructure that powers our modern society, such as roads, bridges, buildings and water distribution systems. Civil engineers are creating a stronger, safer and more sustainable world, which we call the Built Environment.
Our department offers highest quality academic programs supported by laboratory facilities. Our faculty is dedicated to excellence in teaching while fostering an inclusive learning environment where everyone can thrive.
Our department also offers consultancy services and testing to the industrial belt of Punjab.
Our alumni work in exciting careers and leadership roles around the globe, meeting the complex engineering challenges we face today. If you picture yourself in a dynamic, meaningful career, a degree in Civil Engineering may be for you. I invite you to explore our academic programs for strategic direction for the future.

Er. Bikramjit Singh
B.Tech, M.tech,
PhD*(IKGPTU, Jalandhar)
Assistant Professor

Er. Narinder Singh
B.Tech, M.tech,
PhD*(IKGPTU, Jalandhar)
Associate Professor

Er. Sandeep Singh
B.Tech, M.tech,
PhD*(NIT, Jalandhar)
Assistant Professor

Er. Sameeksha Joshi
B.Tech, M.tech,
PhD*(YBN University, Ranchi)
Assistant Professor

Er. Akarshan Uppal
B.Tech, M.tech,
PhD*(NIT, Jalandhar)
Assistant Professor

Er. Ravinder Kaur
B.Tech, M.tech,
PhD*(NIT, Jalandhar)
Assistant Professor

Er. Harmeet Singh Chawla
B.Tech, M.Tech (GNDU, Amritsar)
Assistant Professor

Er. Mansi Mahajan
B.Tech, M.Tech (IKGPTU, Jalandhar)
Assistant Professor

S.No Description Year – Sem Content
1. Academic Calender 2023-24 File 1
2. Degree Syllabus 2023-24 File 2
3. DegreeTime Table 2023-24 File 3
4. Department Academic Planner 2023-24 File 4
5. Diploma Timetables 2023-24 File 5
6. Diploma Syllabus 2023-24 File 6
7. Course Outcomes 2023-24 File 7

Students Achievements

S.No Name of Students Name of Achievement Date
1. Sukhmani Singh Got first position in autocad 2d plan,2nd position in survey hunt, paper presentation, poster making, situation reaction test, technical quiz 2023
2. Atul Sharma, Manjit Singh, Aatif, Kritgya Sood, Tarundeep Singh Got first position in project in sustainable society 2023
3. Karan Bhagat Got first position in autocad 2d plan 2023
4. Ajay Singh Got first position Paper pesentation 2023
5. Paru Bist Got first position in technical quiz,third position in survey humt 2023
6. Tanveer Singh Got third position in solo singing , Got first position in project in sustainable society 2023
7. Jagroop Singh Got 2nd position in autocad 2023

Students Achievements

Program Coordination Committee

S.No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1. Er. Bikramjit Singh HOD (Associate Professor) Chairperson KCET
2. Er. Narinder Singh Associate Professor Coordinator KCET
3. Dr. Jugraj Singh Associate Professor Member KCET
4. Er. Harmeet Chawal Assistant Professor Member KCET
5. Er. Akarshan Uppal Assistant Professor (IV-Module Coordinator) Member KCET
6. Er. Ravinder Kaur Assistant Professor (III-Module Coordinator) Member KCET
7. Er. Mansi Mahajan Assistant Professor (II-Module Coordinator) Member KCET

Project Review Committee

S.No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1. Dr. Manju Bala Director (Professor) Chairperson KCET
2. Dr. Gurwinder Singh Grewal Dean- T&P Cell (Associate Professor) Coordinator KCET
3. Dr. Jugraj Singh Dean Academics (Associate Professor) Member KCET
4. Dr. Atul Agnihotri Dean Research (Associate Professor) Member KCET
5. Dr. Maalti Puri IQAC Coordinator (Associate Professor) Member KCET
6. Dr. Jasleen Kaur HOD-CSE Associate Professor Member KCET
7. Er. Bikramjit Singh HOD-Civil Assistant Professor Member KCET
8. Dr. Sandeep Devgan HOD-ME Assistant Professor Member KCET
9. Dr. Amit Mahajan Associate Professor Member KCET
10. Dr. Supreet Kaur Associate Professor Member KCET


• Surveying &Lab
• Fluid Mechanics Lab
• Solid Mechanics Lab
• Concrete testing Lab
• Transportation Lab
• Geotechnical Lab
• Environmental Lab
• Structural Lab

Teaching learning method

S.No Name of course Duration of Course Number of students attended Number of students passed Academic year
1. Auto Cad 3D 30 Hours 9 9 2022-2023
2. Auto Cad 3D 30 Hours 10 10 2022-2023
3. BIM For collaborative construction management 30 Hours 5 5 2022-2023
4. Auto Cad 2D 30 Hours 10 10 2022-2023
Academic Year Internship Details
2022 Amandeep singh internship in Sub divisional engineer provincial sub divisin no.2 pwd B&R amritsar
2022 Arun sudan internship in Ramesh singh chouhan
2022 Ritik chouhan internship in Ramesh singh chouhan
2022 Parmeet singh internship in rajesh mehra & design plus construction,378 m.m malviya road Amritsar
2022 Sandeep kaur internship in sub divisional engineer provincial sub division no.2 P.W.D B&R, Amritsar
2022 Ashutosh pal internship in sub divisional engineer provincial sub division no.2 P.W.D B&R, Amritsar
2022 Shaina padwal internship in sub divisional engineer provincial sub division no.2 P.W.D B&R, amritsar
2022 Gurpreet singh internship in Rcotech
2023 Ankur Sharma internship in sukhmander singh & associates
2023 Kashish bumrah internship in project manager gawar construction LTD
2023 Vanshdeep singh internship in project manager gawar construction LTD
2023 Atul hans internship in project manager gawar construction LTD
2023 Jaikrishan pal internship in sukhmander singh & associates


Er.Sahil Sharma(HOD)

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