Khalsa College Of Engineering and Technology

ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ ਕਾਲਜ ਆਫ਼ ਇੰਜੀਨੀਅਰਿੰਗ ਐਂਡ ਟੈਕਨੋਲੋਜੀ


Entering the portals of Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology

Established by legendary Khalsa College Charitable Society in 2009, Khalsa College of Engineering is fastest emerging as a dream destination for technical education in the sacred city of Amritsar. Sprawling over an area of 16.27 acres in the posh locality of Ranjit Avenue, the lush green campus houses aesthetically designed, colossal college building, hostels, workshops, a modern fully automated library, seminar halls, spacious classrooms and well equiped laboratories with cutting edge technology and latest softwares, instruments and machines. Every day at this premier institution is a day of discovery and innovation as we encourage creativity in young minds. Our teaching pedagogy, open door policy, special emphasis on add-on skills to suppliment the university curriculum make it a unique learning center for the students from all over India and abroad. The philosophy which guides KCET is panoramic in vission and encompasses the best. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly qualified and commited faculty, KCET is opening up new vistas of learning and career opportunuties for engineering enthusiasts.


“Khalsa” being an insignia of purity and excellence, we aim to provide a healthy academic environment with an excellent work-ethos which underpins a culture of close academic supervision and careful personal support for our students. KCET is your route to the goal of self confidence and success. It offers you a high standard of learning competence and professional practices. You will study in an atmosphere of intellectual rigour and benefit from the wealth of cultural, institutional and recreational opportunities available to you. KCET offers a unique combination of faculty and college life with access to excellent laboratories and computing services which make up for an exceptionally vibrant and academically enriching environment. Other salient features are:

  • It is run by the Oldest Society in the region with Professional and Educational background of more than 120 years
  • The College faculty consists of highly qualified, dedicated and committed teachers with promise of continuing accomplishment
  • Academic and Campus infrastructure is of optimal quality and scope. We have trained Technical and Laboratory staff
  • Identification of talent for Extra-curricular Activities and over-all personality development of the students is a passion with us
  • The classroom teaching is based on Industry -oriented curriculum
  • We strive for well-designed academic processes leading to excellence
  • Campus is free from menace of ragging with total security for the wards