Attendance & Evaluation


Classes are held for a minimum of 90 or preferably more days in each semester. Classes are arranged on Saturday(s)/Sunday(s) and other holidays also to make up for atleast 90 days if it is not otherwise possible to meet the requirement. Each candidate is required to attend a minimum of 75% of the scheduled lectures/tutorials/practicals in each subject to become eligible to appear in University Examination for that subject. If a candidate fails to meet the attendance requirements, he/she stands debarred from appearing in the University Examination(s) in that specific subject.


In case of theory subjects, 60% evaluation is external (by the PTU) and 40% of awards are based on in-house-continuing evaluation. The external evaluation forms the End-Semester University Examinations. Internal evaluation is carried out by the subject teacher on the basis of continuous evaluation of the student through class tests, seminars, home assignments and class work/tutorials including attendance. A total of three Mid-Semester Tests (MSTs) are conducted centrally by the College during each semester. Out of these, students performance in the best two attempts is considered for the award of Sessional marks. The distribution of internal awards is as under-

  • 24 marks are assigned to class tests (best two out of the three MSTs).
  • 10 marks are assigned to assignments, tutorial sheets, seminars etc.
  • 6 marks are assigned to attendance (75% attendance will get zero marks as it is the eligibility criteria and 100%
        attendance will fetch all 06 marks).


In case of Practicals, 40% weightage is given to the end Semester University Examination (Viva-Voce Exam) and 60% to the in-house internal evaluation. The End Semester practical is conducted by a board comprising of one Internal and one External Examiner. Internal Viva-Voce examinations are conducted to prepare the students to take on the University examinations.



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