President's Message

Dear Students,

Education is a civilizing experience. It transforms lives. Schools, Colleges and Universities are temples of learning where knowledge is imparted, values are imbibed and wisdom is ripened. Khalsa College Charitable Society runs its educational institutes on the tenets advocated in Gurbani. Its quality mind-set is synergized by its desire to spread the blessings of education to one and all, seeking “Sarbat da bhalla”(May all be blessed). The mission had its beginning in the legendary Khalsa College, Amritsar which has guided the destiny of generations like a lighthouse. The changing times have necessitated the creation of new Centres of professional learning and Khalsa College of Engineering & Technology has been setup to quench the thirst for technical knowledge of the new generation in the era of internet and to enable them for gainful employment in society. We assure you that we shall maintain tradition of academic excellence.

With best wishes,

Satyajit Singh Majithia
Khalsa College Governing Council



Khalsa College Of Engg. & Technology
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Punjab ,143001
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